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              Hebei dragon Kyron "import substitution bearing experts"
              Time:2011.11.13    Views: 2146   【Print】

              (Reporter correspondent Zhang Yukun strict Donghai Yong) Recently, Hebei dragon Bearing Co., Ltd. and Shen electropositive Factory signed a supply 40,000 sets of bearings orders, profitable enterprise alone more than 120 million. Since June, like product orders, they signed a three-pen. General manager of the company describes as the military party: "At present, I produced the deep groove ball bearings, because of its low noise, high precision, long life, can be comparable with foreign brand-name products, the company was known as merchants' import substitution bearing expert'."

              Hebei dragon Bearing Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006, start at the beginning, but in the lease to the factory, to rely on old, obsolete equipment bearing the production and processing of products, but sales of several hundred thousand dollars. But the ambitious aim of the dragon people have already bearing deep groove ball bearings are widely used in the electrical, automotive, metallurgy and other fields, the market is huge space for development of specialized production areas, and single-minded commitment to professional development of this product, produce.

              By the county to support the development of bearing industry, various preferential policies to accelerate the construction of the project, a few years, the company has eliminated more than 600 million yuan worth of ordinary hydraulic machine, more than 3,000 million investment in the purchase of advanced CNC machine tools more than 40 sets of equipment; the technical staff went to the United States, Jiangsu and other specialized manufacturers on the basis of study to learn, hired China bearing Research Institute, experts and professors of Henan University, to guide the production company, training staff to ensure that the new equipment, staff will operate, can operate well. At present, the company has 38 vocational and technical personnel, more than 65% of frontline staff reached the middle level of expertise.

              In product quality control processes, dragon bearing the company spent 300 million yuan, the introduction of a national leader in measuring length, seismic and other detection equipment. Meanwhile, the establishment of product quality supervision departments of insurance, according to 35 indicators of the production process control, from raw material purchase, process water and other production processes, the implementation of someone detection, tracking. In addition, the company also continued to improve product pre-sale service, providing customers with free product design, installation and maintenance of more than 20 service projects, the annual cost savings to customers invested more than 10 million yuan.

              The reporter learned that the company has invested 62 million yuan last year, the new 500 million sets of precision bearings project. Earlier this year, with the commissioning of the project's efficiency, the company's total annual sales will exceed billion mark, the output value of 130 million yuan, profits and taxes more than 3400 million. Currently, the company's products Supplying Meng Niu motor, Shenyang motor, motor Kaifeng, Shanxi motors, steam and other domestic large enterprise groups, meanwhile, are exported to the United States, Singapore, more than 10 countries and regions.


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