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              Bearing Industry Association research study at Hebei bearing En
              Time:2011.08.14    Views: 2581   【Print】

              West County bearing industry, fixed assets of 1.5 billion, employing over 40,000 people, the size of more than 180 manufacturing enterprises. In small and medium sized bearings and bearing forging mainly bearing an annual output of nearly 200 million units, the output value of nearly 50 billion yuan. En when the president and his entourage visited the county in Hebei Xintai bearing Forging Co., Ltd., Hebei enterprises light Yang Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Hebei Yu-liang of rolling bearings, Bearing Co., Ltd. Hebei dragon, visited the West County Key Projects - West County convention Center. Subsequently, the Pro West County Deputy Magistrate Zhang Xijun organized a special forum. Magistrate Zhang introduced the West County bearing industry, the basic situation and development of ideas. He said: As a Pro West bearing traditional industry, after 30 years of development, with some industrial base, now entered a rapid development stage. This phase is characterized by some companies continue on the scale, grade level, began creating their own brand. The county has more than 20 backbone enterprises bearings, bearing World built a professional market, and gradually formed a business and market developments, mutually reinforcing pattern. Now has support from the Pro West revenue "half." West County investment policy is very favorable, bearing industrial park project to assist with registration, the EIA and other related procedures, to ensure that the project construction land, land protection provided for the investment project. West County Convention Center is under construction, the project is bearing the main, exhibition, marketing, and other multi-functional conference facilities, the second half of next year is expected to put into use. Recently, the Government also held a bearing entrepreneur forum, the bearing industry construction Pro West step further. Participate in discussion

              There are West County People's Congress, the sun bearing Industrial Park Administrative Committee, and part of the shaft County Merchants responsible person. Provincial Association vice chairman Li Jingui axis in the Pro West accompanied chairman Liu and his entourage visited.

              En when his party chairman pointed out: West County bearing industry has developed rapidly in recent years, progress is not small, has a head-on means of production. To step up publicity efforts, research and cultural development, brand building, nurturing Linxi bearing industry bright spot, a good job, "second five" development plan. Choose the right entry point, the establishment of public service platform for enterprises, the establishment of public technology platform, testing platform and other public services, sharing resources. Increase research and development must be based on preferential policies to attract talent and nurture talent. Want good quality, increase efforts to crack down, make shoddy products can not enter the market. Hebei Bearing Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Station also technical services, to provide technical support for product quality.

              At the end of study, bearing in Hebei Ji Shan Association expressed its appreciation to the leadership of Hebei to study. He said that through the leadership of inspection, Hebei axis co-development of the industry and the shortcomings in the work of the problems we more clearly, we do need the recent matter immediately implemented the required corrective corrective measures will be developed, and never let the leaders hope, to fight Hebei bearing industry in the "five" during the collapse into the development track.


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