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              Motor Bearing Maintenance
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              Bearing lubrication

              l, the motor bearings should be well lubricated, usually after 3000-5000 hours of operation, maintenance downtime should supplement or replace the grease, grease designations ZL - 3 Lithium based grease.

              2, stored or disable more than two years ago to deal with the use of a motor bearing lubrication inspection, supplement or replace the grease if necessary.

              3, center height 132 and below motor frame size sealed bearings, center height 160 on the motor frame size is generally non-sealed bearings, motor bearing seal during use without replacing the grease. Non-sealed bearings should be changed regularly clean grease. Grease should be moderate, generally filling the cavity between the bearing inner and outer rings 1 / 3-1 / 2, a motor greasing device, lubricating gun to raise at 3-4, before filling open the bearing cap discharge hole or the bottom of the cover, the motor run for 20 minutes and then plug the discharge orifice or to good cover, removable cover plate when the discharge hole plug or power down



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