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              Motor special bearing technology parameters
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              Mu[0.001mm] precision bearings
                  With the new material, such as Nd-Fe-B, magnetic composites appear rare earth permanent magnet materials, a variety of new, efficient, and special motor endless demand for high-precision bearings are also increasingly dramatically. Precision bearings, bearing, also known as sensitivity, using a special cage structure. Bearing friction torque is small, extreme high speed, easy to simplify the structure of the motor, reduce the size of the motor, the motor speed stability, achieve high running accuracy, thus completing the high-precision parts and components. By optimizing the design of the internal structure of the bearing, rolling diameter, groove curvature to meet the requirements of high speed, light holder, the special structure type high lubrication performance, coupled with the most advanced manufacturing technology and testing, testing technology, dragon bearing bearing accuracy can be controlled thousandth of a millimeter (0.001mm), the channel surface finish can be achieved even nanoscale standards. If your product requires extremely accurate and stable performance, dragon bearings will be your best choice.

              Low noise 35dB improved environment
                  Bearing itself does not produce noise, bearing noise is a reflection of the work operation, often feel "bearing noise" is in fact bearing directly or indirectly generating a sound effect and vibration friction with the surrounding structure. This is why many times the noise problem can be considered to involve the entire application bearing vibration problems. When a load in a radial load bearing, the number of its load bearing rolling elements in the operation may vary slightly, causing a shift in the load direction, resulting vibration is inevitable, so have the noise. The faster the speed the greater the noise. Under normal circumstances, the noise value 35dB hereinafter referred to as "silent", less than 35dB noise 2 meters almost feel. With the social development, scientific and technological progress and improving people's living standards, customer demand for low-noise bearing more and more, if there is no abnormal noise is less than 35dB (A), low noise and quiet motor bearings are times by customers of all ages. Dragon bearing strength in high-precision machining, to reduce the offset in the rolling element during high speed operation, reducing the friction between the rolling elements and the inner and outer rings, only the noise value precise control bearings at 6000 rev / min speed 40dB-45dB. In a particular environment, but also to produce a noise level of less than 35dB high speed bearings.

              Motors and Generators
                  Hebei dragon as precision in a large deep groove ball bearings manufacturer, has a very strong development experience in supporting the motor industry. Its rich and low friction losses science technology experience, has been used to develop various types of solutions. In close cooperation with domestic and foreign customers, we know that in this highly competitive industry, only to meet the requirements of your application to stand out. Therefore, we spare no effort into the research and development of technology and experience in diversity and functional motor bearings made a major breakthrough, in addition to reducing the friction losses generated by the rotation of the shaft outside, still mute performance requirements of the motor parts precision machining has reached the world-class level.

              Maintenance-free sealed bearings
                  Bearing lubrication or improper lubrication supplementary cases, excessive wear, not only significantly shorten the life, there may even lead to motor failure. To this end we provide a variety of specialized sealed motor bearings, the maximum will be closed grease inside the bearing, in order to achieve life-long maintenance-free bearings, reduce your overall application costs.


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