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                Company Overview
              About US
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              Tel: 0319-8560944
              Phone: 13831928030
              QQ: 370013210
              Email: fac@faczc.com
              Url: www.leadsyncer.com
              Add: Xingtai City, Hebei Pro West County Road East Taishan

                  Hebei dragon Bearing Co., Ltd. is "service integrity AAA enterprise" professional production of high precision, low noise, long life deep groove ball bearings, supporting a wide range of motors, fans, hoisting machine and other industries. The company after the market competition temper, always uphold: "Quality First, the credibility of the first" business philosophy, unity and hard work, pragmatic and innovative development. Company production of "dragon" card bearing was named "brand-name products in Hebei Province", "Hebei Province", "Chinese famous brand", "Hebei card", and other honors.

                  Since the company was founded, brought together a number of high-grade technical personnel, front-line staff have reached more than mid-level technology, the company has strong technical force. Complete production equipment and improve the detection means so that the performance of our products supporting the motor is more stable.

                  Since the company passed the ISO9001 quality certification, in strict accordance with quality system procedures work, and through multiple quality system review and renewal review.

                  Strict scientific management, flawless service, better products to meet your needs in all aspects of motors, fans, hoisting machine and the like. The company of "honest-based, people-oriented, innovative and pragmatic" business philosophy, establish a "quality of security credibility, with services legislation reputation" brand image.

                  Only development can survive, only innovation can grow. Bearing Co., Ltd. Hebei dragon will melt technology, human resources and capital base to sophisticated spirit of innovation, scientific management-oriented, the staff unite together, help each other and adhere to marketing as a leader, technological innovation and capital management as the wings, diversified development of ideas, development of fine precision bearing products, enterprise fast is by leaps and bounds, and create a new world bearing dragon!

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